Hello, this page will have a simple objective for editers : List the different template actually in use on the wiki.

Template ListEdit

Need improvementEdit

 Jar Jar Binks thinks this article need improvement! Help Jar Jar by improving it!

Code to write : { { Need } } without spaces

Used to : Say that an article needs more improvement :)


 No Luke, I am your Father...
Warning! This article contains MAJOR DETAILS about The Star Wars Movies\Books!

Code to write : { { Spoiler } } without spaces^^

Used to : Prevent from Spoiler.


This Article is in the Bacta Cure !
Soon; a remade will be done !

Code to Write : { { Remade } } ... Lemme guess, without spaces :P

Used to : Say that an article needs a remake/That you'll do one

Not SureEdit

Some parts of this articles are not verified, or questioned by some peoples.
Please, consider it when reading until this advert dispear.

Code to write : { { Notsure } } without spaces again^^

Used to : Advert people that the article may contain wrong or unverified things :)

Work In progressEdit

The Force is telling me there's someone in here, helping...
This article is currently in Progress

Code to write : { { WIP } } Without spaces

Used to : Says that this article will be made, but dunno when