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The JediForce Wiki Archievs:

Thursday, 21 August:

Updates: Coruscant, Gungan, Jacen Solo (Darth Caedus).

Friday, 22 August:

Updates: Millenium Falcon.

Monday, 25 August

Uptades :

Adding a medium part of the Jacen Solo (Darth Caedus) history.

Some minor changes and little description added to Millenium Falcon and Gungan

Created a template for "Needing Improvement", that need itself some improvement :P Template:Need and created some redirection.

Edited this page :P

Tuesday, 26 August

Template List is finnaly here :) ! SOme template added, soon, or not, news will be here, depending of the needs ;)

Few minor edits on different pages also happened

Wednesday, 27 August

Thanks to User:Merrystar, that remembered us that categorys are very important, you can now find much few category, see the list, at the end of the page ;).

Also removed Wednesday 20 from the archievs, one week later :)

Darth Plagueis's here ! :)

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This week Featured Star: Coruscant

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This week Featured Race: The Gungans

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Darth Plagueis Close-Up

This week Featured Character: Darth Plagueis

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the Millenium Falcon

This week Featured Vehicle: The Millenium Falcon

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