Beggining of his historyEdit

Jacen Solo (Also known as "Darth Caedus") is the son of Leia Organa Solo and Han Solo. Born on Coruscant, 5 minuts after his sister, Jaina Solo is also the oldest brother of Anakin Solo .

First, he and his sister, to avoid "problems" with different imperials/Palpatine's servant, were hide in nearly-unknown planet, under the guard of Leia's friend, Winter . This "forced isolation" was also needed for another thing, following Luke Skywalker's research, the 3years after the born of sensitive childen are very important for their destiny.

After these 3 years and some problems that happened with the Empire's servant, Leia took her children with her, whenever, Winter will never be far away from the babys.

Jacen was very strong in the Force, and also, had a big adventurer personality, that brings him and his sister in different dangerous adventures.

Then, more years later, he(and, again, his sister) went to the Jedi Academy of Yavin IV

Vong's invasion \ The new jedi order's first warEdit


Jacen Solo as a Jedi

During the beggining of the Yuuzhan Vong's invasion, Jacen was 16.

Jacen, of course, fought with others Jedi, but he didn't want to. After multiple battles, he finnaly decided to "hunt" the force's true verity, and, until he find it, decided to don't use the Force in hostile way anymore.

Later in the war, during Fondor's Battle, Jacen told to his brother, Anakin to don't use the Centerpoint to destroy the Hapian's fleet. What Anakin didn't, another man, probably of his family, Thrackan Sal Solo did, destroying a big part of Hapian's and Republic's fleet.

Jacen, still hostile to the idea of using the force and the lightsaber to kill anyone, used them both to save his mother from the Yuuzhan Vong on the planet Duro

That was a good thing for him, but a very bad thing for the Jeedai, as Yuuzhan call them. In fact, the Yuuzhan Vong's Warlord, Tsavong Lah, wanted all of them to be arrested and bringed to him by his troops, especially Jacen.

Later, Jacen went to a mission, with his brother and his sister(and other jedi), on the Myrkr, to destroy the race of the Voxyn, created by Genetical Yuuzhan Vong Specialist. An objective that they (Not easily) completed, sadly, the mission was a semi-defeat, some young Jedi were killed, Anakin Solo was one of them, thing that sent him a little more to the dark side of the force....

Caught by the Vongs...Edit

After his Brother's death, still on Myrkr, Jacen was "arrested" and jailed by a group of Yuuzhan Vong and mysteriously "went out" of the force, like the Vongs . Considering this, the Jedi order considered him as "Dead", but his mother, Leia, never trusted it.

Things that happened are not tottaly sure, but it appears than the young jedi was tortured in the objectives to learn more about the Jedi and their "Magic"( The Force ), then, considerer as a slave by the Vong.

His natural power to talks to "animals" permit to him to talk with a Vong young "World-Brain", that is supposed to lead a planet. Using these thelepatical power on others vong, he tried to escape with their help but was caught, again, before evading...

Then, he went on Coruscant, planet that has been taken by the Vong during his jail-time.

After learning that the person that caught him by 2 times, Vergere, was an old jedi, Jaden rejoined the vong.

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