The Legend of Darth PlagueisEdit

Darth Plagueis wasnt a known Sith, in the fact, nearly none in the Star Wars galaxy knows him... But many people know his legend. Darth Sidious will later reveal it, that this Dark Lord of the Sith existed and was even one of the strongest Sith Lords ever, master of the future Emperor....


Nobody know Darth Plagueis' history, but his legend forged around him... First, this Sith probably lived many years before the times of the Old Republic end. He begun as a Sith Apprentice, with an unknown master and quickly, Plagueis became one of the best Dark Side of the Force users, discovering unknown powers about it, but the question is: Was his master so strong to teach his student, or did he just discover it by his own way? After few of his discoveries, Plagueis killed his master.

His best discovery was to control, create or destroy Midi-Chlorian, and by the same way, the control of the live, that allowed him to live eternaly... With his news powers, Plagueis planed the destruction of the old republic, thing that he won't be able to do, but what his apprentice did...

Master and ApprenticeEdit

Following the Darth Bane's law, he took himself an Apprentice, the future Emperor and the most-known Sith of the Yavin IV times, Darth Sidious.

Without considering their Both incredible power in the force, Jedi didn't find them during the Sidious's training. Sidious was a VERY good student, everyday, he learned the Dark Side's secret of his master, during a long time, Master and Student were secretly planing the destruction of the Jedi Order.

Sadly, the Sith Lord that discovered the power of the Semi-Immortality and learned it to his student, was killed by his Student, Darth Sidious, who became in the same time the new Dark Lord of the Sith.

Long time after his defeat, Plagueis greatly helped to the Anakin's convertion to the Dark side, and in the same way, to his main objective: The Old Republic and the Jedi Order's end....